Burger King CMO Fernando Machado was Head Juror of the category

18 out of 170 entries rewarded at Cannes for Creative Effectiveness
02 de julio de 2018

One of the most complex and demanding categories at Cannes Lions this year was Creative Effectiveness. Burger King CMO Fernando Machado was Head Juror of the category and reported that it was a very long session, not to choose the Grand Prix winner but simply to define the criteria they would use to do so. "We rewarded 18 pieces out of almost 170 submitted. In other words, the top of the top of the very top of this year’s entries," he said.

The advertising that won this Grand Prix was Savlon’s Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks by Ogilvy Mumbai for ITC. “It won because it goes beyond an advertising campaign – it’s a solution,” Machado said. “When the time came to vote, the decision to grant Savlon the Grand Prix was unanimous."

Regarding Burger King’s participation in the festival this year, he said it has been amazing. “Last year we had 28 Lions, the year before, 26, and this time 20 spread around different categories. Today there is a limit of I don't know how many categories you can enter, so there are very strong campaigns we don't enter in categories like Film because we’ve used up the number of categories available. if it were like 2017, we’d have won even more Lions. But I’m very happy with what our key partner agencies are doing. Regardless of the number of Lions, the brand is doing super well. People's love for the brand continues to grow, and all our campaigns have had a very strong international impact. And for me, that’s what counts."

“Creativity generates better business and better brand growth, so everything we do has to stand out and look big. To achieve this, we need big creative ideas," Machado said.