Luis Torres-Bohl, president of Castalia Communications and Mexicanal

Castalia: We are launching the new series Las Cantinas de Cornelio
24 de enero de 2019

During NATPE, Luis Torres-Bohl, president of Castalia Communications and Mexicanal, commented that 2019 is very important since they started with several productions. “We are launching a new series called Las Cantinas de Cornelio, that will come out in February".

The production has already been finished and they have big expectations because it is in 4K. “It covers all the most emblematic canteens in Mexico led by a person who has spent years making history and looking for Mexican traditions and culture,” she commented.

The series has 14 episodes, half an hour each, "and they range from Monterrey to Chiapas, to Merida, and the entire Mexican Republic".

Torres also announced the entrance of Ana Lydia Montoya Herrera, former Televisa Networks, to Castalia and Mexicanal. “We thought she will add a high level of professionalism, and that her 25-year contacts and experience will be very good for us.”