César Millán: Mi Historia

César Millán: Mi Historia premieres on Nat Geo Mundo

19 de abril de 2013

César Millán holds nothing back when discussing the good, the bad and the ugly as he reflects on his personal life story for the new one-hour biopic, Cesar Millán: Mi Historia. The biopic features the comprehensive, behind-the-scenes story of Millán’s incredible rise from poverty to fame. The one-hour special follows Millán’s incredible rise from impoverished illegal immigrant to celebrity dog trainer to international superstar. The cameras roll as he embarks on his latest Cesar LIVE world speaking seminar, begins filming the new series of Nat Geo Mundo’s Leader of the Pack 2, and leads thousands of dogs and owners on a Pack Walk in Washington, D.C., to raise awareness about dog adoption. “For years, the world has known me as the Dog Whisperer,” says Millán. “But not many people know my [full] personal story.” Until now! In the new special, premiering Sunday, April 21st at 8pm on Nat Geo Mundo, viewers will follow Millán around the world as he inspires people to become pack leaders in their own lives in his latest world tour, and join him in Europe as he films his new series of Leader of the Pack. During the hour, Millán recalls how his incredible skill with dogs led to his rise to fame as the Dog Whisperer, and addresses those who are critical of his methods. “I don’t think there is only one way to help a dog,” says Millán. “In nine years on television I have shown that there are many ways. So when critics come after me, it doesn’t really bother me.” He continues, “My show gave people hope that they could have a good relationship with their dog. And that’s something that I’m very proud of.”