Gaby Spanic debuts on Azteca playing the role of Emperatriz Jurado

Emperatriz premieres simultaneously on Azteca 13 in Mexico and Azteca México in the U.S.
09 de abril de 2011

The telenovela Emperatriz, premiered last April 5th in Mexico on Azteca 13 and in the U.S. on Azteca México through DirecTV Más at 11pm. It is written by Venezuelan José Ignacio Cabrujas and it marks the Azteca debut of actress Gaby Spanic. “We are very proud to deliver a strong, high-quality product, that deals with the woman of today. Emperatriz is a melodrama told in a totally different fashion and it showcases a star-studded international cast. We know it will be challenging and hope audiences love it,” said Alberto Santini Lara, General Director of Azteca 13 and Azteca Novelas; and Executive VP of Programming, Production and Marketing of Azteca America. Adding to its international flare, Emperatriz features as its main musical theme Emperatriz de mis sueños, interpreted by Spanish singer Mónica Naranjo. The story, under the executive production of Fides Velasco, also shows spectacular locations around Mexico and the U.S. Spanic co-stars with Bernie Paz, with a supporting cast that includes Omar Fierro, Rafael Sánchez Navarro, Marimar Vega, Adriana Louvier, among others. The novela tells the story of a woman named Emperatriz Jurado (Gaby Spanic), who passionately gives herself for love to Armando Mendoza (Omar Fierro). He then betrays and leaves her, taking their newborn daughter away from her. After several years, Emperatriz comes back seeking revenge. With new ally in Manuel León (Rafael Sánchez Navarro), she will make Armando pay for all the suffering he caused and take her daughter back. Meanwhile, she would never expect to find love again next to Alejandro (Bernie Paz).