Las Buchonas

Las Buchonas a W Studios production in alliance with Lemon Films
13 de diciembre de 2016

PRODU visited in Tezontepec, Hidalgo, Mexico, the set of Las Buchonas, an original W Studios production with Lemon Films.

Las Buchonas is made in outdoor locations and narrates the stories of drug dealer´s women. They are “buchonas” (a gangster's girlfriend or lover), as they are called in Sinaloa.

Buchonas want to be someone. They are strikingly good-looking women who want to better themselves, they seek status and, above all, power, because with power you can achieve anything. Additionally, my character (Aurora), is moved by thirst for revenge for her father´s death”, stated Vanessa Arias, star of the production.

For the actress, Las Buchonas “will be a milestone” thanks to the quality of the production, its originality and the richness of its characters.

It will be on UniMás and Televisa platforms.