Andrés Parra, who plays the role of Pablo Escobar, with Miguel Sierralta
Pablo Escobar: ¿Ángel o Demonio? by Sierralta made its debut with great results on Telemundo in the U.S.
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|18 de octubre de 2012

The documentary Pablo Escobar: ¿Ángel o Demonio?, produced by Sierralta Entertainment Group Inc., made its debut yielding satisfactory numbers last Sunday Oct. 14 at 10pm on Telemundo. The program registered 463 million viewers within persons 18 to 49 (14% more than the average of the same timeslot one month prior), and 0.37 rating points within that demographic (16% more than September), according to Nielsen Media Research. Pablo Escobar: ¿Ángel o Demonio?, which runs at an hour and 20 minutes, was coproduced by director Jorge Granier-Phelps and Miguel Sierralta, owner of Sierralta Entertainment Group. The documentary contains images not yet edited of the famed Colombian narcotics trafficker and various testimonies from people who knew him. “I’m really happy with the documentary and it keeps giving me satisfaction now that it’s the most seen in Colombian film history, since its debut on Telemundo and on Hulu Plus in the U.S., it has been solicited in Panama, Venezuela, Spain, Brazil and Mexico. It’s also found among the Top 10 movies seen on Netflix in Latin America” Sierralta told PRODU. He added that an important Hollywood director has expressed that he’d like to coproduce an English version of the documentary. The second part of Pablo Escobar: ¿Ángel o Demonio? will be transmitted Saturday Oct. 20 at 10pm.