Marcos Pérez, CEO and general manager of ¡HOLA! TV

¡HOLA! TV: Betting on more programming on royalty in 2019
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|08 de febrero de 2019

2019 will be a year for ¡HOLA! TV to continue betting on its main programming pillars: fashion, royalty, celebrities, and lifestyle.

“In fashion, we are going to continue working on the region´s big catwalks and for the first time will have the broadcast of the red carpet of the Goya Awards in Spain on February 2, as well as the special coverage that we will do of Meghan Markle´s baby between April and May,” explains Marcos Pérez, CEO and general manager of ¡HOLA! TV.

Productions such as El Closet de… and Grandes Crónicas de ¡HOLA! will have new seasons in 2019 and the channel will have more focus on royalty. “We will bet on a royalty program with a weekly frequency and we are giving it the finishing touches,” added Pérez.

Regarding distribution, the US Hispanic market will the signal´s goal this year. “Very soon we will have concrete innovations. We recently incorporated Liberty in Puerto Rico and will add more operators throughout the year,” he expressed

During the recent NATPE, the signal completed its acquisitions for 2019, that continues the line of contents such as Las Reinas del Shopping. “On the other hand, we are looking for ways to develop more local content in each one of the countries, co-production alliances to increase local content in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina and, on the side of advertisers, seek to find branded content from the start,” he ended.