Luis Villanueva of SOMOS Group, in an interview on #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra, on the eve of SOMOS' 11th anniversary.

 US Hispanic responds to good stories with quality
29 de enero de 2021

Regarding content, the US Hispanic no longer responds exclusively to Mexican taste as it did 20 years ago. Now, it isn't simply a matter of conquering nationalities but of offering good stories made with optimum quality in terms of acting, photography, and direction. 

This premise was launched by Luis Villanueva, president and CEO of SOMOS Group, in an interview on #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra, held on the eve of the 11th anniversary of the creation of SOMOS, and in the successful restaurant Tur Kitchen in Coral Gables, a new venture of Villanueva who is also starting in the hospitality industry.

“I have the honor of talking with a true entrepreneur and connoisseur of our industry, a man with unique tenacity, and who has proven that companies are the people who work in them every day, thus building brands," said Izarra when presenting Villanueva.

In the program, they showed a video of 20 years ago of a similar interview, made in the year 2000 in which Villanueva claimed that to program successfully in the Hispanic market, it was fundamentally necessary to think about Mexicans.

Villanueva backed his claim with specific experiences of the behavior of the multinational audience of his two channels in this market, ViendoMovies, and Semillitas.

In the interview they also covered hot topics such as the change in distribution now that they are playing on platforms; in fact, before the interview, Luis was having lunch in his restaurant with two platform executives, discussing two fictions of SOMOS Productions.
Univision's transformation, the recent NATPE, and the fact that not many distribution companies registered, in addition to how cumbersome the platform they implemented was, their movie productions and possible new Internet inventions, now with 5G, were topics in the conversation.
Watch full Luis Villanueva interview on #PRODUprimetime