Juancho Cardona, director of the series and partner of 11:11 Films & TV

11:11 Films: Pambelé shows our evolution as producers
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|14 de julio de 2017

The controversial life of Pambelé —the boxer who defeated adversity and poverty to leave the name of Colombia in a very high place as the country´s first world champion in a sports competition— was launched on July 10 at 10:30pm on RCN.

Juancho Cardona, director of the series and partner of 11:11 Films & TV, assures that “it is a story about growth, on the first world champion we had in Colombia, the person who made us dream and believe in our country. The series was filmed and set in a nice period environment with very emotional feelings; innovative photography and planimetry that is very close to cinema.”

“The main challenges were related with the more than 390 locations that the story has and with the natural actors that were part of Pambelé” added Cardona.

The production has more than 390 locations, and was shot at two units with Sony F55 cameras and cinema perspective.

Another challenge, according to Sergio Osorio, director of the second unit, was to direct the scale of the fights, because it was necessary to follow the progression of the opponents´ performance, the handling and size of the audience that attended the fights and recreate locations as big as Luna Park in Argentina or the Madison Square Garden in Nueva York.