Raúl Prieto, Content director at 11:11 Films & TV

11:11 Films & TV: La Fiscal de Hierro is a story in which the line between good and evil is the star
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|20 de octubre de 2016

11:11 Films & TV, Colombian production company, will start shooting in November the series La Fiscal de Hierro, for TV Azteca. It is an original by Andrés López and will have Mexico City as main location.

La Fiscal de Hierro, tells the story of how two brothers, in their quest for justice after their father´s murder, take two different paths: one on the side of the law and the other on the armed side.

Content directors of 11:11 Films & TV, Rosa Clemente and Raúl Prieto, are in charge of leading the project. “We have been in the company for two years and are happy to be able to bring stories like La Fiscal de Hierro to life. We are creating a striking story with unexpected twists that will keep the TV viewer tuned in,” says Prieto.

For her part, María Alejandra Escobar, script assistant in La Fiscal de Hierro, comments that they are currently halfway through in the scriptwriting and that this is a project that plays with emotionality, allowing the audience to feel identified with the character’s conflicts.

The team of scriptwriters is completed by Conie Acosta, Daniel Yepes and Jorge Ribbon.