Manolo Cardona, founder of 11:11 Films & TV

11:11 Films & TV: Independent production companies have gained strength thanks to multiplatform
05 de septiembre de 2017

After the launch of the second season of La Hermandad for Claro Video, Manolo Cardona, founder of 11:11 Films & TV, assured that they are preparing two new projects and the possibility of again working with TV Azteca as they did with La Fiscal de Hierro.

“We closed the year with many prospects and the development of new projects for my company. We will have two short productions that I can´t talk about just yet, but that adds to this year´s success La Hermandad and La Fiscal de Hierro” she highlighted.

Placing her productions on the different available platforms, open TV, pay TV, and OTT, for Cardona is the reflection of the strength independent production companies have in the industry. “Beyond our work as a company, we proved that content is king and the big winner is the consumer of content who looks for new and better things”.

He highlighted that work in Latin America has the level of other countries around the world, “the only difference is the budget we work with, that is much lower than in other regions. We have to work on opening up our borders, not just producing for each country, but for productions to be international and available for all markets”.