Juancho Cardona, general director of the production company

11:11 Films: We will develop three series in the first quarter of 2019
22 de enero de 2019

A police thriller, a horror series, and a comedy are the three productions that 11:11 Films & Video will develop during the first quarter of 2019, reported Juancho Cardona, general director of the production company.

“We are happy to be able to gradually open up to more clients, to be able to consolidate ourselves and also to count with a great client like Claro Video, that has taken us by the hand to develop very interesting projects. We have become a premium content boutique for them and that is what we also want to do with different clients,” said Cardona, after mentioning that in the second half of the year more productions are coming, including a film and a co-production with Spain.

11:11 Films & Video has its headquarters in Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. “2018 was a year in which there was a great deal of learning. I think the industry, in general, made a shift and we had to learn to do a lot of things. Great competitors entered the scene, which allowed us to have much more capability, many more clients, but also more competition. We seek alliances with the competition and making joint projects, because if we ally, we can find a greater level,” he said.

Cardona commented that in 2019 they want to work more doing cinema. “I think there is a lot of stimuli and support and we would like to start looking. We are partnered with Canacine, which gives us great support to start with this strategy, and additionally, we have a very interesting product.” For now, they will make two films in Dominican Republica, as well as another one in Mexico.