Tim Mulligan from MIDia Research on the StreamTV Growth Summit: Reconsolidation of the fragmented video experience

2021 brings a demand for reconsolidation
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|18 de febrero de 2021

Tim Mulligan, Research Director and Video Analyst at MIDia Research, concluded that covid-19 acted as an accelerator of the OTT trend and that video re-aggregation is starting to expand.

Mulligan, who gave an opening talk during the first day of the virtual event StreamTV Growth Summit, organized by Fierce Video emphasized that while 2019 was the year in which OTT reached its attention peak, and 2020 increased streaming consumption due to the free time the audience stayed locked in their homes; the year 2021 will bring a demand for the re-consolidation of the fragmented video experience. “We are entering the third phase of the great re-aggregation,” he added.

Other conclusions Mulligan offered during his presentation were that distribution alliances need to be oriented towards the results of consolidated consumers, adapting the visualization format to the product “made for TV” is essential to mitigate the weakening of show business and silver streamers are now general market.

He detailed that TV continues to be essential, but binge-viewing is exceeding linear video consumption.