Juan Crespo, CEO from 3C Films, detailed that the film should be ready by February 2021 and is being filmed in Italy

3C Films: We started shooting El Nido
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|08 de septiembre de 2020

Juan Crespo, CEO from 3C Films in Argentina, commented that September 14 they will start shooting the film El Nido in Rome, Italy. It is a co-production between Alba Produzioni (Italy), Productora MG (Argentina), and 3C Films. The producers of the project are Crespo from 3C Films, Gastón Gallo and Marcelo Parga fro, Productora MG and Rossana Seregni, and Sandro Frezza from Alba Produzioni. The film will be shot in the Videa studios in Rome, it is in Spanish and will be shot under all the safety protocols.

Crespo comments that this is the director Mattia Temponi´s opera prima, he is also the scriptwriter.

El Nido was conceived three years ago at the San Sebastián Festival. It was presented to several financing funds. It is backed by the Mibcat, Lazio Internacional, and Ibermedia funds. The film, in the terror genre, stars the Argentine Luciano Cáceres and the young Italian actress Blu Yoshimi. The original music is by the Argentine Julián Vat (musical director of the Quinteto Piazzolla).

Crespo detailed that the film should be ready by February 2021 and its national and international distribution is being negotiated with important companies.

The plot of El Nido revolves around two people who are locked inside a house with no possibility of going out during the outbreak of a virus that turns those who are infected into wild beasts. During the lockdown, the young female main character starts to exhibit symptoms of the virus.