The 4A's and Reset Digital Launch Universal Inclusion
14 de julio de 2021

The American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's), announced that it has partnered with Reset Digital, a platform in next generation neurocognitive marketing technology, to launch Universal Inclusion.

Utilizing Neuro-Programmatic™ technology (a patented context resonance software), Universal Inclusion is a programmatic platform designed to improve the representation of people of all identities in video brand messaging. By identifying deeper neurocognitive and anthropological frameworks that better match individuals' motivations and beliefs, Universal Inclusion™ helps ensure that advertising messages and subsequent placements will effectively resonate with their target audiences, resulting in greater ROI and marketing efficacy for the brand.

"Universal Inclusion offers brands the opportunity to effectively connect with their consumers on a more personal and psychologically accurate level," said Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO of the 4A's. "There have been systemic issues in the way media is measured, researched, and experienced for a long time, and it became clear that many audiences, particularly those in BIPOC communities, were not being accurately represented in the advertising that was targeted to them. Through this initiative, the goal is to improve connections between brands and the audiences they serve by helping advertisers mirror people the way they want to be portrayed."