Erica Probst
51% of our viewers bought something or chose a brand: Erica Probst from YouTube
26 de octubre de 2020

Erica Probst, Head of YouTube Sales UK & Ireland, spoke about how in 2020 big changes in brand and media strategies have led brands to consider YouTube "in ways they hadn't before and, in some cases, they truly see us more like an AV partner that can help them reach their audience in these times of pandemic".

“For us, something truly key is the change in behavior when watching YouTube in the connected television set” and that is happening worldwide, she said. She added that if you think about this idea of watching YouTube on the living room TV, “I think it reminisces all those ideas about entertainment and massive scope" she said to WARC.

Faced with this, they launched YouTube Select. “Taking this product to the market was, somehow, our desire to make justice to creators' creativity on the platform" she explained. With this tool, you can help brands truly align with consumers in these moments when you can generate audiences, raise brand awareness, and increase consideration.

Given the trend to combine ecommerce and media, Probst said that at YouTube they have seen a behavior in which a prominent group of people look for products on the platform: “51% of viewers bought something or chose a brand as a result of watching it on YouTube” she furthered.