R/GA Releases Global Research About the Power of Brand Relationship Design
17 de febrero de 2021

Determined to define the next wave of brand innovation, R/GA launched a global proprietary research study focused on brand relationship design. In a new report titled, "The Power of Brand Relationship Design," R/GA introduces the study's transformative findings from across six categories and nine markets in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America around creating more meaningful post-purchase customer experiences.

And post-purchase has never mattered more. In 2020, brand marketers shifted their entire business growth approach, focusing less on customer acquisition, and more on customer retention. It's a trend that R/GA witnessed unfold—and pursued even further. The new report, aimed at brand marketers looking to connect more deeply with customers, uncovers six game-changing global insights and corresponding strategies for brands looking to win long-term retention.

Based on a survey of nearly 16,000 respondents across six categories and nine markets, the report introduces a key customer objective: their "Next Best Self." This means a customer is closer to their goals and living a happier life because of a brand's support. Yet it's what's largely missing from today's modern brand relationships.