Mariana Fresno, Kantar Argentina: Five out of every 10 people in LatAm watch more open TV than a month ago

62% of Latin Americans watch more digital  content
21 de abril de 2020

According to data from the Kantar COVID-19 Barometer study, five out of every ten people stated that they now watch more open television than a month ago, and that is also reflected in audiences. Visualization of videos in digital format and the use of social networks also increased considerably.

In average, currently, 62% of Latin Americans watch more digital content on platforms like YouTube than before the crisis, and 67% increased their use of WhatsApp and 61% that of Facebook.

By evaluating the contribution of the level of each channel through the type of campaign, it was observed that television and online videos are the ones that contribute the most to the brand.

Some Out Of Home (OOH) channels lose relevance temporarily, such as advertising for cinemas or for public transportation. In these cases, an alternative is to do outdoor advertising in new hotspots such as supermarkets or drugstores.

At the same time, the sponsorship of sports events or concerts also loses relevance due to cancellations or postponements, in this case, it is necessary to explore sponsorship alternatives such as virtual events or even participation in esports.

Regarding local reality, Mariana Fresno, CEO of the Insights Division at Kantar Argentina, expressed that “the fact of being isolated and in quarantine has modified media consumption with an increase of TV tune in, online videos and streaming, as well as other platforms such as podcasts and social networks".