Francisco Guijón, senior VP for Business Development and Digital for the Americas at A+E Networks

A+E Networks committed to becoming a super digital company

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|15 de marzo de 2018

A+E Networks is preparing to lever on digital opportunity. Francisco Guijón, senior VP for Business Development and Digital for the Americas at A+E Networks, is commissioned to boost the company’s strategy in the area, both with subscribers –who are the priority- as well as evaluating other alternatives that are present in the market.

“A+E Networks has a clear conviction to become a super digital company and for that we are setting up strategies, finding ways to support the teams. For example, A+E took a firm step in Asia where it just launched a digital content production studio. This is proof of the conviction A+E has in the digital world and I am trying to help in the strategy,” expressed Guijón.

He remembered that nowadays, with the access offered by digital media, the way to consume contents changes rapidly.

“The first thing is to take content to clients that are already paying for it, pay TV and linear channels, and for them to access this content on the different platforms where they want to consume it. For this, collaboration with the affiliates in the region is crucial,” he comments.

On the other hand, they expressed that they understand there are other platforms where clients want to consume content, that the growth rates of linear TV and pay TV are decreasing and that clients consume on other OTT platforms where there are many well-known brands. “This is a phenomenon we are studying,” he said.

“The first thing is to understand where we want to be, but before that, we know people want the content. It’s not that they don’t want the content on linear channels, but that we must see where we make it available: The first topic is quality content and in this sense A+E is one step ahead, they are owners of their contents and are investing in the production of very high-quality content, such as Knightfall. Another example is History of Football, that is reloaded this year for History channel,” he comments.