Eddy Ruiz, president and general manager of A+E Networks Latin America

A+E: Networks LatAm The challenge in Latin America is the topic of measurements
Aliana González, Mexico City|28 de febrero de 2019

Eddy Ruiz, president, and general manager of A+E Networks Latin America, explained that the challenge they have is measurement, not because the technology doesn´t exist, but because it hasn´t been implemented in Latin America.

“Today in the US you see a television program, whether on cable or open TV, and you can know in the next three days how many people watched it, either on VOD or in apps". In his opinion, this doesn´t exist in Latin America due to the lack of investment of measurement companies.

On the contrary, in pay TV, Ruiz commented that they know that commercial is going to run 30 seconds, it is not going to be interrupted, that the ones watching it are real people (not robots)

He explained that the level of content that is produced as an industry is very high, "they are multimillionaire productions compared to the user created content, which there is a lot of on YouTube and Facebook. We all have the same expectation that no one knows the solution 100%”.

He also assured that television continues to be the most important media to reach the masses. He believes each media has its audience, its reach and its specific affinity with diverse audiences.

“The important thing here is to know the audience you have and what you can contribute to a client, and do business with clients, not commercially speaking but creatively, as part of the development of the strategy."