Eduardo Ruiz, president, and general manager of A+E Networks Latin America spoke about the group's multiscreen strategy

A+E Networks Latin America: We acquired 300 hours of content for H2
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|20 de septiembre de 2018

A+E Networks Latin America is focused on strengthening its presence in the ecosystem comprised of TV, Internet, OTTs and social networks, hence their alliance with the digital media PlayGround. Additionally, it is opening conversations with digital audiences and acquiring new content for signals like H2.

“It is important to be in the conversation, young people become influencers, whether they like a content or not. They are aware of the power they have nowadays that didn´t exist ten years ago. They are in control and we are adapting, because, TV today does not have established schedules," explained Eduardo Ruiz, President and General Manager of A+E Networks Latin America.

As an example of this strategy, he highlighted the alliance with PlayGround, considered one of the best-known digital media in Latin America: “We represent them in advertising topics, we work with many advertisers in Mexico who want to know the benefit of being with them. It is an area we are learning about so that we can do something similar with our brands”.

Finally, he mentioned that for his signal Lifetime, they continue to highlight the role of women with local productions; meanwhile, for signals such as H2, they recently acquired a 300-hours package of new content, never seen before in the territory.