Peter Kafka, senior Media editor at Re/Code and Kerry Trainor, CEO of Vimeo

A+E Networks: We believe in the linear ecosystem, but also embrace digital with great creators
Maribel Ramos-Weiner, Chicago|10 de mayo de 2015

The second segment of the final day's general session at INTX in Chicago, was a panelist discussion integrated by Nancy Dubuc, president and CEO of A+E Networks and Kerry Trainor, CEO of Vimeo, moderated by Peter Kafka, senior editor at Medios de Re/Code. When asked why Vimeo doesn't have ads, Trainor said that his company is focused on premium music service. “We see the opportunity of the paid model. We don't think advertising is evil but we are focused on this”, he stated. For his part, Dubuc said they are devoted to the security of their content. Regarding advertising, she said it is necessary to spend more time working with their advertising partners, ensuring they are aimed at the right audience and delivering to them the message they want to receive. Dubuc acknowledges that there is indoubtedly much more competition nowadays, but there is also an increase in content consumption. “We believe in the linear ecosystem, but there is a way to embrace digital with great creators”. She expressed that regarding digital they want to experiment more. “We can't import the linear strategy for nonlinear.” Jerry Kent, Chairman and CEO of Suddenlink, bid farewell to the delegates and summoned them for next year in Boston, from May 16th to 18th, when a new edition of INTX: The Internet & TV Expo will be celebrated. He said that nearly 10 thousand executives attended the first edition of INTX.