Andrés Santos of Screenbright Media: My goal is to be a leading company and a bridge between Latin American content and the Anglo market

A bridge between Latin content and Anglo market
08 de enero de 2021

Andrés Santos, the founder of Screenbright Media, started the year receiving congratulations from his clients for the quality of the content they offer, as he mentioned in #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra.

“It has been a great start. I have documentaries, biographies, music, history, art, and nature packages, action, and family movies. It is a type of content that travels a lot because it is very high quality,” he said.

Born in Bogota, Colombia, and educated in Switzerland and the US, he started in the industry in RCTV Internacional when it was directed by José Escalante, almost 20 years ago. He has built a valuable client portfolio in all the continents. His annual results have been eight-figure ones. In October, he took the first step in creating his own distribution company after being at Dori Media and Sonar.

“My goal is to eventually be a leading company and a bridge between Latin American content and the Anglo market, and vice versa. I have good contacts in the two territories, both in English and in Spanish. I will also study possibilities for co-productions and partnerships, but right now I am focused on acquisitions and distributions for both territories. I will gradually build that bridge, that link between the two regions,” he stated.

“I believe that if we think positively, things will turn out positively, both at a personal and a professional level. That type of philosophy has served me, mainly in distribution, which is not so easy,” he added.
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