Buscando a Dios is a production of Channel 13 of Chile, directed by Jorge Said

A+E Networks Latin America: more multiscreen content
Aliana González|31 de marzo de 2021

“We are at a time when the content strategies of our media are more multiscreen than ever. This includes linear TV and non-linear platforms for content on demand at the same time. It is the central axis of our strategy,” said Miguel Brailovsky, Senior VP of Programming and Production of A+E Networks Latin America, about the premiere of Buscando a Dios, presented for all of Latin America by Jorge Said, on Saturday, April 3.

As a brand, "there is an obligation to go beyond curating and producing content, to be on every screen where users search for us," he commented.

The ten-episode documentary is a special series for Holy Week and features an unprecedented journey across the great religious pilgrimages that take place during that time around the world. Narrated in first person, it shows the greatest spiritual movements and religions of the world at a time of great existential crisis for the future of civilization. It's a high-risk series, filmed in some of the most dangerous areas on the planet.

Brailovsky defined History as an entertainment network that connects the past with the present, and about History 2 he described is a benchmark in pay TV as an independent brand in the documentary genre.

César Sabroso, Senior VP of Membership, Marketing and Communications of A+E Networks Latin America, explained that they have begun to broadcast in many systems, such as DIRECTV, throughout Brazil, so that the audience can enjoy History 2, also in Cablevisión Argentina, as well as Flow.

Buscando a Dios is a production of Channel 13 of Chile, directed by Jorge Said.