Company executives based in Mexico and the talent of the main productions attended the company event

A+E Networks: Our brands grew in audience
Aliana González, Mexico City|10 de diciembre de 2019

During the A+E Networks Latin America Upfront, Eddy Ruiz, president, and general manager said that all the company´s brands grew in the audience in 2019: A&E reached 10% more, History 23%, History 2 grew 72% and Lifetime 8%. “It is an important growth in a market in which there is so much fragmentation and that has to do with programming, but also with the original productions we have been making".

That is why in 2020 there will be new productions made in the region, such as Cam Alert (made with surveillance cameras) and Metro en Acción, as well as Matrimonio a Primera Vista Latinoamérica, to be made for the first time. Metrópoli Ciudad de México will have a second season, new capsules with Adela Micha for Lifetime, along with the following recently announced: all the seasons of Narcos, the second season of Hernán and Desafío Sobre Fuego Latinoamérica 3, probably made in Brazil and incorporating women.

Artists from the productions, such as Paulina Gaitán and Mayra Hermosillo, from Narcos, Michel Brown from Hernán and Antonio from Regil with Juan Pablo Llano from Desafío Latinoamérica participated in the event hosted by César Sabroso, senior VP Affiliates, Marketing and Communications at A+E Networks Latin America.

“We are still in the midst of the final negotiation of Matrimonio a Primera Vista Latinoamérica, to soon begin the production, which will probably be in Mexico or Brazil, and we will soon have a second season of El Embarcadero, that has done very well on Lifetime,” said Ruiz.

He commented on his good expectations for 2020, in which they will continue growing, betting on good programming and local productions.