Miguel Brailovsky, SVP, Content at History and History 2

A+E Networks: We don't feel that non-linear consumption is replacing linear
Cynthia Ploh, Buenos Aires|19 de abril de 2019

Miguel Brailovsky, SVP, Content at History and History 2, talked about the challenges companies such as A+E Networks are facing.

One of them is to extend their brands and contents to a non-linear consumption that is what is happening with the launch of History Play, which can be accessed in web format or downloaded as an application on any platform and device.

“We don't feel that one type of consumption is replacing the other. There is a linear proposal that is being simplified as much as possible for the viewing appointment to be automatic and require the least possible analysis and search time possible," said Brailovsky.

He added that the balance between the two experiences is what makes brands stronger and that in the short and medium term, the foundations of the industry are not at risk, but in a transformation that is going to make the pay TV experience extensible to other platforms and that are in the leadership of each company, in the speed and the vision to interpret what the user wants: the key to success.

“If someone today says they know what the definite structure in 5 or 10 years is going to be like, they are lying, because the TV industry was very closed in its distribution, advertising and consumer access mechanisms in a single way for 50 years, and it was possible to know the revenue, now it is transforming and reinventing itself."