Filmmaker Eduardo “Topo” Topelberg

A great bet on fiction in 2020
05 de diciembre de 2019

The Chilean filmmaker Eduardo “Topo” Topelberg commented that they are on Ventana Sur promoting their new feature film in the horror genre, Macabro, along with 91 Calvarios also in the horror and fantasy genre, and the feature film Los Corderos de Dios.

Likewise, he pointed out that with the short films they are trying to make the music of Chile known through videoclips.

Speaking of how the situation in Chile affects cinema, he explains that filmmakers and actors, “are in a turmoil that awakened us, so now the Chilean that has opened his eyes must stop dreaming, he has to do what he has to do. I think that in March, April 2020 there will be a great bet on fiction, on music, theater, architecture, Chilean culture, because the people of the world are going to want to know more about the Chilean culture at last”.

He ended emphasizing his services in Chile withe his production company Topo Producciones.