A Tiny Audience (14x60’), produced in Miami, is distributed by Itoydani. The first season aired on DIRECTV Latin America and HBO US

A Tiny Audience produced with isolated audience
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|06 de octubre de 2020

The second season of the live intimate specials show with important Latino artists, A Tiny Audience (14x60’), distributed by Itoydani aired on DIRECTV in Latin America and HBO in the US, started shootings Monday, October 4 in Miami under novel health and safety conditions to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Maurice Keizer, the executive producer of February Entertainment LLC., explained that the show´s live audience, made up of 35 people, will be isolated in a hotel reserved for this purpose, only going out to the site of the show in Miami Studios, transferred on a bus with 52 seats with a driver appointed exclusively for this task. The audience and the driver are tested for COVID-19 daily and their temperature is taken when they enter the show. Shootings will take 10 days, and isolation for the participating audience will be around 12 days.

Keizer emphasizes that, despite the high production costs that housing all these people implies, it is necessary, because the show requires close interaction between the artist and this small audience. He comments that the most complicated thing has been handling the artists´ entourage, who must stay outside the studio.

HBO confirmed a third season of the show. The first one had 20 episodes.

In each episode of A Tiny Audience, artists answer three questions and sing three songs: their most popular song, the one that means the most to them, and one they have always wanted to sing.