David Bornstein from Brightcove: An indicator of success are new registrations and conversions from trials

Active Daily Users' monitoring is key for retention
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|19 de febrero de 2021

David Bornstein, Field CTO, and Sales and Brightcove, advised that for user acquisition and retention in streaming, it is vital to monitor daily active users according to platforms (Daily Active Users); new subscriptions, free trials, and conversion rate of those free trials for paid users; error reports and support cases, as well as visualization time per client.

Bornstein's intention was part of the second and last day of the StreamTV Growth Summit organized by Fierce Video.

Bornstein commented that a true indicator of success was the new registrations and conversions resulting from the free trials.

He said that the reasons why the user leaves include lack of connection with the content, dissatisfaction, and the price. "One of the keys to making sure that consumers are happy with the service is for the technology to work: it is essential to have the minimum buffering," he explained.

Another element that indicates how connected users are with the platform is the time they spend watching content: If it is less than 20 seconds, there is a problem with the technology, if it is less than five minutes, they are not interested in the content, and another possibility is that they are not watching anything. "How to win them back? Focus on content. What did the user watch when he was connected?" he said.