Actor and producer Henry Zakka

Actor and producer Henry Zakka brings to market three movies where he plays a detective in Miami
11 de noviembre de 2014

Actor and producer Henry Zakka, with over 35 years in the industry, is marketing three movies where he plays a detective in Miami. Directed by young filmmaker Alain Maiki, the movies are shot on location in Miami, Homestead, Tijuana, Las Vegas and the Palmdale desert in California. The first installment, Devuélveme La Vida, is already in post-production. 20% of the second film has already been shot, and the third film is in development. On a video interview granted to PRODU in Miami, where the actor has been living for a few years after spending almost a decade in Los Angeles, Zakka provided more details about the movie package and showed some finished scenes from the first film in an effort to attract partners to the project. He said that new digital recording and editing technologies keep budgets reasonable and provide top quality, which presents an attractive offer to investors from premium channels and online platforms in the region, who are looking for good, contemporary More info. {Henry Zakka;}