Arap Bethke acts in La Piloto and Club de Cuervos

Actor Arap Bethke: Thrilled to return to Netflix with La Piloto by Univision and Televisa
04 de mayo de 2018

The first season of La Piloto, the W Studios, Lemon Films, Univision, and Televisa series is available from April on the Netflix platform and has become one of the five best Mexican series on the OTT, according to subscribers’ opinions.

The successful series, inspired on true life events, tells the life of Yolanda, played by Livia Brito, a young girl who dreams with being a pilot but ends up flying small airplanes used to transport drugs from Mexico and Colombia to the US. John Lucio (Arap Bethke), her boyfriend and flight instructor, helps her learn how to fly helicopters and small airplanes, but betrays her to avoid going to jail.

The script, written by Jörn Hiller (Tiro de Gracia, Porque el Amor Manda, Sala de Emergencias), resumes the true story of a woman who currently lives in Spain. The executive production is under the responsibility of Patricio Wills.

The narcoseries was launched on May 21, 2017, on Las Estrellas and in January they began shooting the second season that will be launched in this year.

“Thrilled to return to Netflix with La Piloto. Together with W Studios, Lemon Films, Univision and Televisa, we are betting on a new way to do television. To tell more stories that are real in a way that awes the audience. It is an action series with a very dizzying rhythm, explosive situations and dear characters,” comments the actor Arap Bethke, who is also part of the cast of the successful Club de Cuervos.