Actor Damián Alcázar

Actor Damián Alcázar on Netflix: I am about to close the agreement to take part in the second season of Narcos
08 de septiembre de 2015

Produced by Gaumont Television for Netflix, the series Narcos (10x60’) had its debut last Friday August 28th on this platform. In the series an important number of Mexican actors take part, such as Ana de la Reguera and Paulina Gaitán, who plays the role of Pablo Escobar's wife. The actor Damián Alcázar revealed that he might be part of the second season, which they could start shooting in the following months. "We know that US TV is more complex than its cinema. In the scripts they sent me, the infamous plague that appeared and that was a terrible moment for all Colombians is reflected. We are talking about the series Narcos, which could enter its second season. And there is a possibility to also be in some others,” mentioned the actor. Alcázar said that, if he accepted the project, he would play the part of one of the leaders of the Cali cartel and would travel in September to Colombia for four months. Meanwhile, Paulina Gaitán, Pablo Escobar's wife in the series, said it is necessary to exhibit this kind of topics on TV, film and theater, “because it is something we live with day to day. If we didn't show it, we wouldn't be fighting to change it. It is interesting that there are several series on drug trafficking.” Finally, he said that she had to travel to Colombia to shoot in locations such as Bogotá, Medellín and Santa Marta.