Damián Alcázar was also invited to be part of the Hollywood Academy

Actor Damián Alcázar: I am happy making Tijuana co-production of Netflix and Fusion Media Group
Vanessa Maldonado, Guanajuato|31 de julio de 2018

The Internacional Film Festival of Guanajuato will pay a tribute to the actor Damián Alcázar, who will be the star of the series Tijuana (13x60’), which Netflix is preparing in co-production with Fusion Media Group, on journalism in Mexico that will also be launched in Univisión. The series is currently in post-production.

“I am happy making Tijuana, we must cover these topics that are very important, we can no longer allow our journalists to be killed. We have the possibility of being inclusive and tolerant, we can do this together. We must prevent more deaths. Being on a platform like Netflix implies quality, and that is enough reason for these projects to be worth making," explained the actor during the inauguration of the GIFF red carpet.

He highlighted that his character will be the director of the journal. The series is based on true characters without personalizing them. "The only thing we want to show and highlight is the strength to find the truth, say it and fight."

As for the invitation to be part of the Hollywood Academy, Alcázar assured: “It is about watching films and saying that we Latinos are also hard-working. The good thing is that my work is what caught their attention."