Erik Hayser

Actor Erik Hayser: Telemundo has risked to show different projects

Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|13 de septiembre de 2019

The actor Erik Hayser, star of Preso No. 1, a Telemundo Global Studios production, co-developed together with Keshet International, assured that the greatest challenge his character posed was for him to portray the role of president different from the one he played in Ingobernable.

“However, Preso No. 1 has brought me many satisfactions, I feel happy with the series´ message and the dialogue it has given way to. It is exciting. I feel that in recent years, Telemundo is the only TV station that has ventured into presenting different projects. It is not only about settling with pre-established formulas, but the goal is also to present different projects to the audience,” he stated.

The actor is already back in his native country, Mexico, where, he assures, he is looking for new projects. “In Mexico, there is much more productive than before. There are many more companies and platforms eager to deliver different contents, we are grateful for that. It is also a moment of great responsibility, we are seeking to be able to get out of the habit of just obtaining the format of the telenovela and opening up to be able to compete, not only in LatAm but with the entire world.”

Hayser has also been a producer and plans to take to the theater a play about the social situation in Mexico, that he estimates will debut in 2020: “It is a story that will invite us to look at our reality with new eyes.”