Iván Sánchez, star of the teleseries Yago (65x60’)

Actor Iván Sánchez from Yago: This new way of producing stories in Televisa enriches the TV industry
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|12 de abril de 2016

Iván Sánchez, star of the teleseries {Yago;www.produ.com/television/videos/index.html?noti=10806} (65x60’), produced by Carmen Armendáriz, which is a Mexican version of the Turkish story Ezel, spoke with PRODU about his participation in this new format Televisa is exploring, and that will have its debut May 2nd at 9pm on Univision and afterwards on the OTT platform Blim. “I am thrilled with this character and it shows that Televisa is making a huge effort to develop different projects. This is a hybrid between a telenovela and a series, that tells the story of Yago, a man involved in a situation with his ex-girlfriend and best friends, that lead him to prison, and when he is free again, he will try to seek revenge”, mentioned the Spanish actor. Sánchez highlighted that this type of production enrich the TV and production industry, “that are in a very good stage, with many platforms and competition. And this type of content allows making better quality stories that enrich the field and gives the audience the chance to choose”. Before his participation in Yago, Iván Sánchez was part of the cast of stories like Lo Imperdonable and La Reina del Sur.