Jorge "El burro" Van Rankin, TV actor and host

Actor Jorge Van Rankin from Televisa: In the following months we will launch the series 40 y 20 by Adicta Films for Televisa
07 de enero de 2016

Adicta Films, production company founded by Gustavo Loza, prepares the launch of the series 40 y 20 (26x30’) on the different Televisa platforms, and, in an interview with PRODU, the star of the series, Jorge “El burro” Van Rankin, stated that the first season, shot in 11 weeks in Mexico City, will come out in March. “My character is a 40-year-old man who likes 20-year-old women. He has a 20-year-old son who likes 40-year-old women. It is one of the first series that Televisa will air in 2016. Loza will deliver the finished product in March and possibly at the end of that same month Televisa will start airing it twice a week through its different platforms, and afterwards on Canal 5”, commented the actor, who is also host of the new stage of the morning show Hoy. He said that the actors Mónica Huarte and Mauricio Garza (El Señor de los Cielos) also take part in this production and assured that these new series that Televisa is preparing “are so well made that I have no doubt they can reach El Canal de las Estrellas. Van Rankin stated his opinion that TV in Mexico and Latin America is changing and that for companies like Televisa, competition is not with TV Azteca or Mexican contents, “now it is with international platforms such as Netflix or products from global networks. People now consume contents on digital and that is where we should put our focus”.