Michel Brown

Actor Michel Brown from the series Falco: The quality of the product we achieved allows it to compete with international series
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|17 de julio de 2018

Falco (15x60’), series produced by Spiral International, based on the series The Last Cop from Red Arrow International Studio, will be on the air July 22 at 9pm, on Telemundo. Additionally, it will come to Amazon Prime and TNT for the entire region, and its star, Michel Brown, commented on the features this content has, with the quality to compete with large-budget international productions.

“We have a marvelous script with a story that isn’t about drug dealing nor big explosions. It is more focused on the psychology of the characters, with directors of the level of Ernesto Contreras and Julián de Tavira, as well as a cast of great actors. We are covered in all the areas that allow us to compete with international series,” explained the actor.

Brown shared an experience that as an actor posed a challenge for him: shooting a scene underwater that took more than five minutes, with the help of expert divers, “achieving amazing shots”.