Wagner Moura and Pedro Pascal visited Mexico to promote the second season of Netflix's Narcos

Actor Wagner Moura from the series Narcos: This story depicts a reality in LatAm that is drug dealing, which we need to continue covering through fiction

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|26 de agosto de 2016

The actors Wagner Moura, Pedro Pascal, Paulina Gaitán and Damián Alcázar, were in Mexico City promoting the second season of the series Narcos, a Netflix original that will be available on this platform starting September 2. Moura, Colombian actor Colombian actor who plays the role of Pablo Escobar in the series, stated that in this production "it was very important to depict a reality that is lived in countries like Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, that is drug dealing, to understand its origin and know more in depth an interesting character like Escobar. It was a very important cultural and human experience for me and I think that as a production we had an ethical responsibility with what we were saying.” The Mexican Damián Alcázar highlighted that it is necessary to continue talking about these topics: "It is a very hard story, but it is real and we must break it down through fiction. I am enthusiastic because the production standards in Netflix are very high. We chose this topic because it is brutal, because it continues to be terrible and we must go all the way. It is worth it to open these things up and know what human beings are capable of.” According to the director of the series, Andrés Baiz, Narcos has had a considerable impact not only in America, but also in other continents like Asia and Africa, thanks to Netflix´s scope worldwide. That is why a third series is being prepared. The shooting will start in 2016 and the stories of Mexican drug dealers might be included.