Blanca Soto is now a stronger woman in the in the second season of Señora Acero

Actress Blanca Soto from Señora Acero: My character in this second season is radically different from the first one

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|20 de octubre de 2015

The second season of Señora Acero (75x60’), currently aired by Telemundo at 10pm, has registered high audience levels. The director Miguel Varoni, as well as the star, Blanca Soto and Joshua Mintz, executive VP in the Dramatic Area and general manager at Telemundo Studios, spoke about this second season in an interview with PRODU. For Blanca Soto, the changes her character has undergone from one season to the next are radical, since she has “stopped being the sweet and naive woman, to evolve into a hard woman, who goes through a lot of experiences. She is the most complicated character I´ve ever played, because she is totally different from me”. Meanwhile, the director Miguel Varoni highlighted the production´s assets: “It is a season full of action, with lots of war and gunshots, with plenty of strong sequences. This has been a huge challenge. The direction of Señora Acero has not been easy, but we have a great cast that trusts me and that´s a big gift”, commented Miguel Varoni, director of the story. Mintz spoke about the importance of placing superseries in the 10pm schedule, like this production that “that has a high-quality script and is very well produced”.