Mayra Rojas

Actress Mayra Rojas: In October we will start shooting Maldita Tentación for MundoMax
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|08 de octubre de 2015

The actress Mayra Rojas, who had a special participation in the first episodes of the second season of Telemundo´s Señora Acero, announced that in October they will start shooting the new MundMax teleseries, Maldita Tentación (48x60’), starring Ana Layevska and Valentino Lanus, produced by RCN and Estudios TeleMéxico. “Maldita Tentación is a thriller teleseries, in which I play the role of Ana Layevska´s mother and when I read it I thought it was very well written and also, that it is hard to make a project with so many episodes in this genre. I´m happy with the series and looking forward to the launching date”, she commented. The teleseries presents the story of Fernando Bonilla (Valentino Lanus), who has a successful career and a great family, but his life takes a dramatic turn after an encounter with Estefanía Braun (Ana Layevska) who becomes obsessed with him and starts stalking him. As the relationship grows, Fernando ends up murdering Estefanía (or so he thinks). The shooting will entirely take place in Mexico and other actors, such as Francisco Rubio, Ilse Salas, Julieta Grajales, Marcela Ruiz and Mario Loria, take part. To end, Rojas highlighted that for now he has no exclusive contract with anybody, since his relation with TV Azteca ended three years ago when he played a role in the telenovela Corazón en Condominio.