The graphic pieces highlight the covid sanitary protocol

Fortunato reimagines Covid-19 protocol for AAF Dallas ADDYs
06 de enero de 2021

Reshaping the way to celebrate and reward the ad industry in these terrible times of Covid-19 is one of the challenges that 2020 left with the participating organizations. Such is the case of the AAF Dallas ADDYs, which decided to go virtual this year with creative work by Fortunato, the agency led by Rodrigo Maycotte.

“We developed a concept in which we showed what could happen if Covid protocols were left up to advertisers, who have a tendency to overthink things and go beyond what is needed," Maycotte said.

In the pieces created, Fortunato carried out a drill in which the trophies, the jury and every other detail had to comply with the most rigorous Covid protocol that ever existed. "We had a lot of fun imagining what we could do to promote the ADDY awards, and to entertain the audience during the awards ceremony."

For the agency, such a campaign should provide support and raise the profile of AAF Dallas nationwide, “thereby contributing a lot to the local industry and to so many people who need support amid so much uncertainty. Creatively it’s a great showcase for displaying the level of work we do at Fortunato regardless the size of the client or its budget,” Maycotte said.