Gustavo Loza, director, writer and producer of Adicta Films was on #VisitaPRODU

Adicta Films: We are going to make one film a yearfor the next four years
04 de julio de 2019

Gustavo Loza, director, writer and producer of Adicta Films said on #VisitaPRODU that he plans to make four films in the next four years with Adicta Films, one feature film a year.

“Along with the movies, we will continue making series. It would be a big mistake not to do so because the region is in a series production boom, due to the arrival of new platforms and their demands. I love sitcom as well as 40 y 20. I want to continue creating this type of content," assured Loza.

The executive, who has worked with both Latin American and US companies, highlighted a couple of differences when working with one or the other. "US budgets are much higher, when developing a project this gives you many more facilities to achieve quality results. The other difference is that US companies are more involved with the production and conduct more follow-ups in this sense. They don´t bet on a project if they are not almost certain it will be successful."

Loza also mentioned his past, when he started in the audiovisual world, and everything he learned in Canal Once, where he directed the channell´s children´s bar, which in four years grew from being a half-hour program a day to having five hours of children´s programming every day, and where he started with a team of four people ,and when he left, there were more than 80 people working on his team.