Gustavo Loza, producer and general director of Adicta Films

Adicta Films: We are shooting the second season of Run Coyote Run
Cynthia Plohn, Miami Beach|30 de enero de 2018

Gustavo Loza, the producer and general director of Adicta Films, reported that they are currently in Mexico City, shooting the second season of the successful series Run Coyote Run, in the fifth out of thirteen weeks.

"We are shooting in locations, in studios and in a week, we will move the production to the north of the country, and then go to Arizona and Las Vegas”. Loza, director of the entire season, announced that the end will be shot in New York, in mid-March.

Loza additionally explained that they are waiting for the authorization of a fifth season of 40 y 20 for Televisa. "This Project is already a franchise. They have done very well."

The executive believes that what raises standards and quality is competition, both internal and external. “Contents are global, everyone has their contents at their fingertips and that forces us to improve and work increasingly better.”