Gustavo Loza, founder of Adicta Films

Adicta Films: We have contents on all the platforms with different companies
16 de enero de 2018

New productions for film and TV are being prepared by the producer, writer and director Gustavo Loza, founder of Adicta Films, who assured that nowadays, the order of content consumption led to the opportunity to generate them for different platforms without one being in conflict with another. That is why they have been able to place content at the same time in signals such as FOX, Las Estrellas or platforms like Blim, both from Televisa.

“I am currently shooting the second season of Run Coyote Run, in Mexico City, the northern part of the country and the south of the US, as an answer to the success of the first delivery. From 40 y 20 we have four seasons that have already been shot and there may be more, there is the option to produce new ones. The important thing is that there is a good relation with FOX and Televisa, with whom I have planned other projects. And at a personal level, I must make the decision of which will be my next film,” he explained.

One of the main features of Loza´s work is his contents´ ability to be on different platforms, therefore he has been able to place productions on open TV, as he has done with Los Héroes del Norte and 40 y 20 for Canal Cinco and Televisa´s Las Estrellas, this last one was also on the digital platform Blim, for which he also produced Sincronía. On pay TV his main product is Run Coyote Run for FOX.

“We have projects for all the platforms with different companies. This is very important because in the past it was unthinkable to have two contents on different channels. Times have changed for the good, generating healthy competition that includes a great deal of production and encourages us to raise the quality of productions,” he ended.