Douglas Montalvao

Adobe Promotes Digital Transformation Through Sales of Customer Experiences
Manuela Walfenzao|18 de febrero de 2020

Douglas Montalvao, Country Manager for Adobe Mexico and Latin America, speaks of the exponential growth the company has achieved by creating customer experiences.

“Ten years ago we realized that people no longer bought products but rather experiences,” he says. “We were a tech company that sold little boxes with programs limited to sales channels. Then we changed the business model to a subscription bought online with a 100-percent personalized relationship, with digital experiences that create a lasting relationship with clients.”

That is when marketing companies started buying startups to identify consumers` digital behavior and to integrate online and offline data, among other things, for which Adobe constructed the Experience Cloud. Today the company has yearly revenues of more than $11 billion, with an annual growth rate of 25 percent. Last week it became the second-most coveted software company, according to its market share.

Montalvao notes that Adobe’s true offer remains something of a secret, because everyone relates it to creative programs, though the Experience Cloud is what is growing fastest and supports many companies in their digital transformation.

“Our challenge is to make companies aware that we are in this world. Leading airlines, banks and retailers whose mission is to grow in Latin America work with us," he says. In Mexico, the digital transformation is on every CEO´s agenda, but since they don´t know how to do it, that’s where we come in. It’s all about changing their business model so that digital platforms provide their main interaction with customers in order to strike up a personalized, real-time relationship."