Adrián Santucho, executive VP of Entertainment and Content at Univision Studios

Adrián Santucho from Univision Studios: With our contents we want to be genuine and tell stories

Maye Albornoz|11 de abril de 2017

The series La Reina de la Canción arrives as part of Univision´s strategy to reunite families around their programming. This is their new talent show in which participants´ stories will have an outstanding place. That is what Adrián Santucho, executive VP of Entertainment and Content at Univision Studios, explained.

“What we have been doing is approaching people more closely with Despierta América, that celebrated its 20th anniversary; El Gordo y la Flaca; then, Pequeños Gigantes USA and after that, La Reina de la Canción, which represented a huge challenge for the entire network. Together with the girls´ spirit, we have musical surprises regarding where those songs are going to live and who we are going to render a tribute to. There is lots of variety and content, we are trying to be genuine and tell stories," he assured.

Santucho reported that more projects of this sort are coming and that Univision Studios is giving producers and creatives the opportunity to take their ideas and share new challenges. "Production offers the opportunity of a wonderful world that is also a huge responsability: to put programs on the air, communicate and help people with that communication."

He assured that in LA Screenings they will make important announcements that will mark the strategy for what is left of 2017 and even 2018.