Nuestra.TV will have more than 25,000 hours of premium content, from renowned TV channels and content producers from the US, LatAm, and Spain

Adsmovil announces the launch of Nuestra.TV
14 de enero de 2022

As part of its continuous evolution, Adsmovil announced the upcoming launch of its OTT platform, Nuestra.TV., targeting the US Hispanic market. The news came from its CRO, Andrew Polsky, and its CMO, Maria Twena, during a virtual event organized by ANA with several Hispanic media companies.

"The Hispanic consumer has been at the core of Adsmovil's offering and it will remain there in our new streaming service Nuestra.TV," Twena highlighted. She added that the platform's logo distinguishes the letters “USA” to refer to all Latinos in the United States.

The new Adsmovil streaming service was created for the family and customized for each of its members. “Our mission is multipurpose. It was created to entertain, inform and inspire the entire Hispanic market, through cultural, generational, and language diversity,” said Twena.

Nuestra.TV will have more than 25 thousand hours of premium content, from renowned television channels and content producers from the US, Latin America, and Spain. In addition, it will have bilingual support to satisfy the preferences of both the Anglo-dominant and the Hispanic-dominant consumer. The catalog will be fully downloadable in English and Spanish with a variety of formats: live events, original and exclusive programs.

The platform (AVOD) also supports gaming, podcasts, and live streaming, along with long and short video formats.

Twena reported that Nuestra.TV will be launched with more than 50 FAST channels. "And we will have original and exclusive content created by the bilingual for the bilingual, to drive inclusion."

The content will offer a wide variety of categories, with the unique difference - according to Twena - that it will include educational content as well. “Entertainment alone doesn’t inspire, to better serve the market educational content is also needed. "It is a free entertainment informational and inspirational digital platform created exclusively for the holistic Hispanic market,” she said.

“We are committed to connecting culturally and linguistically to all Hispanics, across countries of origin and generations to drive consumer validation, brand engagement, and affinity,” Twena concluded.