Adsmovil Persona: Groundbreaking tool to reach +25 MM Hispanics is launching a new entertainment vertical
05 de agosto de 2019

Adsmovil, the leader in Mobile Hispanic Advertising for the U.S. market, is offering its newest data segment for agencies, brands, trading desks, DSP’s and DMP's to focus on Hispanic entertainment consumers.  

This data will allow companies in the entertainment industry such as Universal, Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Sony Music, Sling TV, Warner, Telemundo, Lionsgate, Audible, and many others, to address their consumers, and deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, improving their ROI and influencing the user effectively.

Consumers expect the most-relevant and personalized advertisements and with Adsmovil Personas brands can reach U.S. Hispanics in several categories within the entertainment vertical at a scale such as streamers, movie-goers and entertainment lovers and more in one place. Below some of the entertainment audiences that we are offering:

1. Hispanic Streamers (connected TV) = 9 MM unique users
2. Hispanic On-Demand watchers = 8.8 MM unique users
3. Hispanic Movie lovers = 8 MM unique users
4. Hispanic Gamers = 9 MM unique users
5. Hispanic Music lovers = 8.3 MM unique users
6. Hispanic Music Concert Enthusiasts = 5 MM unique users
7. Hispanic Moviegoers = 6.5 MM unique users
8. Hispanic Live event lovers = 4.4 MM unique users
9. Hispanic Amusement Park-goers = 3 MM unique users

Adsmovil combines multiple data feeds to create a unified view of each consumer interests and performance. Adsmovil’s data resources include transaction-level, location, declared data and more