Jessica Ricaurte and Maria Twena, Adsmovil in the panel The Dynamic Hispanic Market & The Evolution of Hispanic Media

Adsmovil: Nuestra.TV is a bilingual and bicultural platform for all Hispanics
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|15 de junio de 2022

“The Hispanic market and media patterns have undergone significant changes To reach and connect with this market, you must know both your consumer and your company. To purchase this segment, you must ensure that your content integration resonates with the target audience and takes advantage of deep insights" were some of the main points highlighted by Jessica Ricaurte, Chief Revenue Officer, and Maria Twena, Chief Marketing Officer, both at Adsmovil (Nuestra.TV) during their participation in the panel The Dynamic Hispanic Market and the Evolution of Hispanic Media in Adweek's event Elevate: Hispanic TV.

Ricaurte described Adsmovil's Nuestra.TV as an AVOD platform, with bilingual solutions and culturally relevant content. “It is a platform for all Hispanics Entertainment is a group and family experience. Our programs are bilingual, created for the family, and personalized for each member of the group” she mentioned.

Twena highlighted that there have been many changes in the last two decades. Out of Hispanics in the US, 67% were born in the US; their average age is 27; currently, the first generation of immigrants represents 28% of the market, and generation 1.5 (those who arrived in the US before the age of 10 and have socialized mainly in this country) represent 27%, this is “they represent 55% of Hispanics in the US” she detailed.

Twena explained that in the past the Hispanic market was targeted only regarding the language, "but the bilingual and bicultural Hispanic segment must be catered through cultural relevance". She added that it is necessary to think about the collective family experience, "that is where the value lies". She added that mobile is crucial for the Hispanic market and to deliver to this segment, it is necessary to know the role mobile performs.

Ricaurte highlighted the entire content library of Nuestra.TV is downloadable both in English and in Spanish.