Jaime Guerra, director of Advertising Sales and Marketing of Turner

Advertiser portfolio of CNN en Español grows 20%

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|01 de diciembre de 2011

This has been a positive year for CNN en Español (CNNE) in the area of advertising sales. After its re-launch in Latin America, the channel grew its client portfolio by 20%. Jaime Guerra, director of Advertising Sales and Marketing of Turner, said to PRODU: “We re-launched a totally different product and clients have seen these programming changes. We’ve opened the niche. Although we continue to be a channel focused on news, we have expanded to different audiences that also enjoy news about family, celebrities, entertainment, movies, and health.” Guerra says they have been able to reach brands previously unrelated to CNN. “We have strongly focused on four industries: tourism sponsored by Latin American governments, technology, financial services, and commercial tourism (hotels, airlines, among others),” he added. The new programming allows them to carry out integrations that were previously not possible. Guerra cited the successful integration done for Nextel in the region. “Nextel sought in CNN a partner for disseminating the launch of its new products in Latin America. The project spans from an unveiling campaign to 10-second teasers. It also includes the use of the infotape, which allows the client to reach audiences during regular programming without having to wait for commercial breaks,” he added.